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Melatonin Prescribing Guideline

Guidance for the Prescribing of Melatonin for sleep disorders including product choice.

Melatonin Prescribing GuidelineDownload File
(Melatonin_guidance_updated june 2017_1.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 12/07/2017

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Alcohol Withdrawal Policy

NHS Dumfries & Galloway Alcohol Withdrawal policy

Alcohol Withdrawal PolicyDownload File
(alcohol withdrawal treatment chart.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 05/12/2016

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Guide to using sleep aids in care homes

Drugs used to help sleep include benodiazepines, antihistamines and 'Zí drugs. Tolerance and dependence develop after only a few weeks of use and they should only be used for short-term relief of insomnia to a maximum of 28 days. Benzodiazepines can increase risk of hip fracture in older people, are linked to increased mortality and a risk of developing dementia. They should be avoided in patients with breathing or addiction problems.

This advice sheet gives tips for use of sleep aids, particularly for those residents of care and nursing homes.

Guide to using sleep aids in care homesDownload File
(Guide to sleep aids in care homes.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 19/01/2016

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Management of Neuropathic Pain

Prescribing Guidance for the Management of Neuropathic Pain<>

Management of Neuropathic PainDownload File

Date Uploaded: 11/03/2014

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Guideline for the management of insomnia (including the use of hypnotics) in adults

This guideline for the management of insomnia (including the use of hypnotics) in adults has been produced by Wendy Ackroyd, Lean clinical pharmacist in Mental Health and the Consultant psychiatrists group, Midpark Hospital. The aim of the document is to reduce new prescriptions for regular hypnotic medication, reduce ongoing use of regular hypnotic medication, reduce the number of patients discharged on hypnotic prescription, and encourage the appropriate management of insomnia.

Guideline for the management of insomnia (including the use of hypnotics) in adultsDownload File
(insomnia and hypnotics guidleine v2 june 2012 update.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 27/05/2013

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Use of Opiates in Non malignant Pain

This guideline seek to provide clinicians with a practical framework to enable potent opioids to be prescribed in the most effective, safe and consistent way for chronic non-malignant pain.

Use of Opiates in Non malignant PainDownload File
(Use of Opiates in chronic non malignant pain.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 11/03/2013

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Antidepressant Treatment of Depression

This guidance includes the output of the West of Scotland Efficiency and Productivity Workstream, Acute Prescribing Group. Pharmacists and clinicians from the West of Scotland Health Boards met on three occasions in 2011 to review current prescribing practice and make recommendations to improve cost effectiveness, efficiency and consistency for the treatment of depression.<> we have therefore updated our exisiting guidelines<> Please refer to the SPC and BNF for further prescribing information including the contraindications when prescribing SSRIs notably citalopram.

Antidepressant Treatment of DepressionDownload File
(2012 Depression Guideline.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 30/04/2012

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