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Guide to inhalers - FORMULARY only

An updated TWO PAGE guide to all the formulary inhalers for 2018.

Guide to inhalers - FORMULARY onlyDownload File
(NHS_DG_Guide_to_inhalers_Formulary_only_August 2018 update.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 22/08/2018

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Adult Dry powder formulary pathway

A stepwise pathway for adult asthma treatment, detailing the dry powder inhaler options, formulary and non-formulary

Adult Dry powder formulary pathwayDownload File
(Adult Asthma Dry Powder formulary Pathway June 2018.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 11/06/2018

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COPD Stepwise Treatment Guide

Dumfries & Galloway primary care guide for the pharmacological treatment of COPD, updated to include the current formulary LAMA/LABA combination inhalers.

COPD Stepwise Treatment GuideDownload File
(COPD stepwise treatment Guide 2018.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 11/06/2018

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Paediatric Formulary Pathway

A summary of the paediatric formulary pathway

Paediatric Formulary PathwayDownload File
(Paediatric formulary asthma 2017_1.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 13/06/2017

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Adult MDI Formulary Pathway

An adult asthma stepwise treatment pathway, detailing the MDI options available, formulary and non-formulary.

Adult MDI Formulary PathwayDownload File
(Adult_MDI_Formulary_Pathway June 16.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 27/06/2016

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Asthma: stepwise treatment of adult asthma

NHS Dumfries and Galloway Primary Care Guide to pharmacological stepwise treatment of asthma in adults, indicating formulary treatment options only

Asthma: stepwise treatment of adult asthmaDownload File
(Management of Adult Asthma stepwise treatment table.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 11/05/2016

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