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Formulary Dry Eye Product Review

Clintas CarbomerŪ gel and VitA-POSŪ eye ointment are the formulary preferred choices for the symptomatic relief of dry eye or tear deficiency in NHS D&G. Most multiple use dry preparations contain preservatives many of which cause sensitization. The formulary products have been selected because their preservatives are better tolerated by patients and because they are more cost-effective. Clintas Carbomer contains carbomer 980 0.2%. It should be prescribed by brand. VitA-POS preservative-free ophthalmic ointment contains retinol, liquid paraffin and wool fat. This review aims to move eligible patient onto the formulary choice dry eye preparations.

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(Formulary Dry Eye_Audit_April_2013.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 05/06/2013

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Avamys Switch Protocol

Beclometasone is our first line treatment for prophylaxis and treatment of allergic and perennial rhinitis.
Avamys is currently more cost effective than other second line agents in particular Flixonase.

This protocol provides a structure for the switch from Flixonase to Avamys.

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(Avamys Switch protocol May 2010.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 31/05/2010

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Nasal corticosteroid audit

Beclometasone dipropionate exerts its effects by combining with a glucocorticoid receptor that is localised in the cytoplasm of target intranasal cells. The consequent activation of the glucocorticoid receptor complex can interact with cellular DNA thus enabling the regulation of cellular functions, in order to reduce levels of identified mediators (histamine, prosanoids and leukotrienes) in the nasal lavage fluid. The licensed indications for beclometasone dipropionate are prophylaxis and treatment of allergic, as well as vasomotor rhinitis. Given the high cost difference involved in nasal corticosteroids, it seems reasonable to identify patients currently on higher cost preparations and then switch the nasal corticosteroid to beclometasone dipropionate.

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(Microsoft Word - nasal corticosteroids April 2008.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 11/04/2008

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