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Calcium & Vitamin D3 Audit

Calcium & vitamin D3 supplements are recommended in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis/fractures.Patients must meet certain criteria before they will benefit from supplementation. The choice of combination supplement should be based on formulary and ability to take the medication. The dose should be based on evidence and dietary intake.

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(Calcium & Vitamin D3 audit 2016.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 16/06/2016

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Ferrous Salt Review

This review will identify patients suitable for stopping therapy as well as those suitable for switching to a more cost effective preparation. Patients taking long term prophylactic doses will also be reviewed in terms of ongoing need.

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(ferrous salt review 2016.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 15/05/2016

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Feed thickeners review

Our first choice formulary thickening agent is Nutilis (except for children under 1 year unless failure to thrive, where Carobel Instant is the choice) and it is also on contact (secondary care). However there are areas in Dumfries and Galloway where there is a high usage of non-formulary thickening agents, for example, Thick and Easy. This review will identify those individuals receiving any thickener other than Nutilis in order for a therapeutic switch to take place and encourage formulary compliance. There is a difference in the volume of powder required to thicken to certain consistencies with the different products, therefore patients will be provided with the Manufacturer’s instructions for use.

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(Feed thickeners review.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 20/09/2012

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Vitamin B Co Strong Review

Vitamin B Compound Strong is no longer recommended for use in patients with a history of excess alcohol intake due to a lack of efficacy.
This document sets out a process to facilitate review.

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(Vitamin B Audit June2010.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 03/06/2010

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Bisphosphonate review protocol

Alendronate 70mg is now available as a generic product and is therefore the most cost-effective choice of bisphosphonate.

Bisphosphonate review protocolDownload File
(Bisphosphonate drug choice review.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 17/09/2009

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Oral Nutritional Supplements Audit

The purpose of this audit is to identify those patients who have been prescribed ONS (modular and sip feeds) and identify those who have been taking these for an extended duration without specialist review, identify those who do not have a valid clinical indication for ONS and those who are now suitable to stop. Dietetic assessment, intervention, support and review will be available to the practice for all patients who are currently prescribed ONS as part of the project. The practice will also be able to seek the opinion of the dietician for patients they are considering starting on a nutritional supplement.

Oral Nutritional Supplements AuditDownload File
(Oral Nutritional Supplements Audit Nov 2008.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 17/12/2008

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