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P value - A statistical value which illustrates the likliehood of results occuring by chance alone. A p value of 0.05 means that there is less than a 1 in 20 chance that the result occured by chance.

Performance Assessment Framework - A broad-based approach to assessing NHS performance in six areas: health improvement, fair access, effective delivery of appropriate health care, efficiency, patient and carer experience and health outcomes of NHS care.

PGD - Patient Group Direction

Pharmacovigilance - Systems and arrangements designed to detect and quantify adverse drug reactions after a medicine has been marketed, to inform prescribers and patients of possible risks.

placebo - A substance which has no known medicinal properties. It is usually made identical in appearance to an active medicine for use in placebo controlled trials.

Platelets - Pan irregular, disc shaped element in the blood that assists in blood clotting.

PMS - Personal Medical Services

PODs - Patientsí Own Drugs

PPA - Prescription Pricing Authority

PPI - Proton Pump Inhibitor

Prescribing Indicators - Are used to show how prescribing performance for a Health Board or GP practice compares with other organisations, national averages or themselves, over a period of time.

Prevalence - The number of people who can be identified with a disease or condition at any given time in a given population.

PRISMs - Prescribing Information System for Scotland

PRODIGY - Prescribing rationally with decision support in general practice study.

PSNC - Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

PST - Prescribing Support Team

PTSG - Pharmacy and Therapeutics Strategic Group (Drug & Therapeutics Group)

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