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The word audit is of Latin derivation and means ‘hearing’. It dates back to biblical times when it was customary for a landowner to ask his steward to give an account of the way in which his property was being put to use.

Audit is about taking note of what we do, learning from it and changing if necessary. Using an audit cycle, we can identify opportunities for improvement in patient care and the actions required to realise them. Audits can be used alongside clinical guidelines to help make the transition towards evidence based medicine.

By producing a package of audits we can ensure equity of information gathering across the region. The results from these audits are designed to support prescribing initiatives and ensure that we are prescribing cost-effectively thus maximising the health benefit to be gained by patients.

The audits available on this web-site are designed for use in Dumfries and Galloway Health Board and can be downloaded from here.

Calcium Channel Blockers

This audit aims to ensure that the budget invested in the NHS D&G Joint Formulary calcium channel blockers (CCBs) for the management of hypertension and angina is cost effective and rational.

24 Jun 14

Review of hypertension management in newly diagnosed patients

The aim of this audit is to review patients diagnosed with hypertension in the past 6 months to ensure treatment is prescribed as per the NICE clinical guideline 127.

23 Jun 14

Review of steroid prescribing in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

The aim of this audit is to review steroid prescribing in patients with a diagnosis of PMR and highlight patients who require review of side-effects, patient on higher doses for a significant period without step-down, lack of co-prescription for bone protecting agents or gastrointestinal protection, or patients who have been taking oral or IM steroids for greater than three years.

9 Dec 13