Dumfries & Galloway Health Board
Prescribing Support Team

Audits Central Nervous System

Venlafaxine MR audit

This audit provides advice on the rationale behind providing a therapeutic switch from monitored release venlafaxine to normal release.

15 Jul 15

Anticholinergic review in patients with dementia

This audit provides information on risk avoidance for patients with dementia treated with anticholinergic medication.

15 Jul 15

Migraine Review Protocol

This prescribing review protocol is based on the recommendations for the management of migraine made in SIGN Guideline 107 and the NHS D&G Joint Formulary. It covers the use of opiates in migrane, triptan overuse and formulary compliance.

4 Jun 13

Hypnotics Audit

23 May 13

Buspirone Review

Buspirone is licensed for the short-term management of anxiety disorders and the relief of symptoms of anxiety with or without accompanying depression.

3 Aug 11

Orlistat review

13 Jul 10