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Polypharmacy Review

This section of the website contains a number of resources requested by GPs across NHS D&G. They are designed to facilitate comprehensive, effective medication review

• Medication Review tool
• Best Practice Template
• Useful links
• Drug Interactions
• Stopping Medication
• Compliance Leaflet (inc. medication chart)
• Medication Review Poster
• Drugs which may contribute to falls risk in the elderly
• Unresolved Care Issues

Medicines Reconciliation Practice Protocol

This is an example protocol for medicines reconciliation which can be individualised to a general practice.

6 Mar 13

Prognostic Indicator Guidance - Gold Standards Framework

About 1% of the population die each year, yet it is intrinsically difficult to predict or identify which patients may be in their last year of life.

15 Sep 11

QP1 - Prescribing for Frail Adults

Prescribing for frail adults should prioritise their comfort and quality of life.

15 Sep 11

Prescribing Guidelines for Frail Adults 2011

Prescribing for frail adults should prioritise their comfort and quality of life.

15 Jun 11

Unresolved Care Issues

General Practitioners (GP’s) in the UK are asked to review the medication of patients prescribed four or more repeat medications at least once every 15 months as part of the their General Medical Services (GMS) contract.

22 Jan 10

Med Review - Drugs & Falls

Summary of medication which can contribute to an increased risk of falls in the elderly.

22 Jan 10

Stopping Medicines

As part of medication review, the patient’s “need” for each of their repeat medication, at the current dosage, should be assessed. This guide gives advice on the review and treatment withdrawl of a number of selected drugs.

22 Jan 10