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NHS Dumfries & Galloway formulary offers guidance on the first and second choice drugs across the complete range of therapeutic areas. Prescribing by following guidance in a formulary is one of the many strategies designed to maximise health gain from our prescribing budget. Its place is to promote evidence-based cost effective prescribing across primary and secondary care. Access to the Word document is available by clicking on the download option below. This lists all drugs under BNF codes.

The electronic formulary, which is installed into all EMISS practices, is disease specific. For example if the diagnosis was Impetigo by typing in .IM in the top section of the drug formulary screen, the first choice complete with doses would populate the fields.

Before any drug is placed in the formulary we will have reached an agreement with secondary care that they stock the formulary choice to ensure continuity of medicines.

The D & G joint formulary does not of course take away prescriber’s rights to determine what is clinically most appropriate for their patients, nor their responsibility for that decision. There will always be additions and deletions to be made; improvements to the electronic format; audits of compliance to be carried out and public access to be enabled if the Formulary is to remain a ‘live’ and relevant document.

NHS D & G Joint Formulary 2018

The recommendations within this primary & secondary drug formulary seek to enable a seamless approach to pharmaceutical care. For further information on specific drugs and doses please refer to the BNF.

3 Sep 18

Gluten free formulary 2018

The products listed in the gluten free formulary are approved for prescribing for patients with Coeliac Disease or Dermatitis Herpetiformis in Dumfries & Galloway.

8 Jan 18

Dumfries & Galloway Minor Ailments Service (MAS) Formulary

This is the NHS Dumfries & Galloway Minor Ailemets Service Formulary document. It is intended to support our Community Pharmacists as they deliver this important service to the people of D&G.

11 Sep 14

NHS D&G Pharmaceutical Industry Sponsorship contract

NHS Dumfries and Galloway policy states that when a pharmaceutical company wishes to sponsor an event held in NHS property or under the auspices of NHS Dumfries and Galloway, advertising of the sponsoring company’s products is restricted to those products listed in the joint formulary.

14 Apr 09