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Prescribing Tools

We have provided a variety of links to sites which offer useful tools which may aid prescribing, for example, Cardiac risk prevention calculator. If you know of others which would be useful to share with other prescribers, please contact the team.

BMI (Body Mass Index)

This is a link to a BMI calculator.

Cardiovascular Risk Prediction Calculator (ASSIGN score)

ASSIGN is a cardiovascular risk score developed in Dundee University, Scotland in 2006. ASSIGN includes social deprivation for the first time, and family history of cardiovascular disease with the classic risk factors. It identifies people free of cardiovascular disease most likely to develop it over ten years. ‘High risk’ (score 20 or more) implies risk-lowering medication and/or other medical help. ASSIGN is the cardiovascular risk score chosen for use by SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) and Scottish Government Health Directorates. ASSIGN can be adapted for use outside Scotland. This website provides ASSIGN scoring for the Scottish National Health Service. It also introduces, calculates, and explains ASSIGN scores to interested citizens and medical scientists, whoever and wherever they are.

Centor score

An online version of the Centor score for sore throats, to help determine whether antibiotics are required.

eGFR calculator

Calculator for estimation of GFR using creatinine measurement (in the absence of a lab measurement of GFR)

FeverPAIN scoring tool

Clinical scoring tool for sore throats as an alternative to the Centor score

Fracture risk calculator

The FRAX® tool has been developed by WHO to evaluate fracture risk of patients. It is based on individual patient models that integrate the risks associated with clinical risk factors as well as bone mineral density (BMD) at the femoral neck. The FRAX® models have been developed from studying population-based cohorts from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. In their most sophisticated form, the FRAX® tool is computer-driven and is available on this site. Several simplified paper versions, based on the number of risk factors are also available, and can be downloaded for office use. The FRAX® algorithms give the 10-year probability of fracture. The output is a 10-year probability of hip fracture and the 10-year probability of a major osteoporotic fracture (clinical spine, forearm, hip or shoulder fracture).

Peak Flow Monitoring

This Clement Clarke site details normal Adult and paediatric peak flow values.

Sleep diary

A printable sleep diary, ideal for collecting data on quantity and quality of sleep and what might affect sleeping patterns.